Tips for choosing memory cards?

  • Requires a micro SDHC/SDXC card, class 10 or above.
  • Suggested to use MLC memory cards for optimal performance.
  • Unable to recommend SanDisk branded cards because of long-term reliability issues when those are used with dash cams.

Tips for caring memory card?

  • To use with SD card, please format the microSD card in the camera menu to ensure correct format before initial use. Memory card must be in FAT32 format instead of exFAT to function properly.
  • Test the Micro SD memory card regularly as the memory card is a consumable item and needs to be replaced periodically.
  • Reformat the memory card in the camera menu periodically to extend usable lifetime. This should only be done AFTER desired files have been saved elsewhere, such as portable hard drive. Formatting the memory card will clear all files, including RO files.

How to install and hide wires in my vehicle?

  • Read the user manual for installation guide.
  • The power cable can be routed and hidden in the car's headliner and the pillar. For more installation tips and assistance please visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwD8Ilk-MHU for a video tutorial.

How to check the current firmware version?
Press“Menu”button twice and select“Version”, then press“Confirm”button, the version number will be shown on screen.

How to update firmware?

  • Press "Menu" twice and select function to check the current version number or via DOD APP for Wi-Fi equipped models.
  • Take out the SD card from your camera and insert into a card reader and then plug it into your PC/Tablet.
  • Download the latest firmware and find the file name ended with “.bin”, copy nothing else but this update file into the SD card without creating any folders.
  • Insert the SD card back into the dash cam and plug the power back into the dash cam.
  • Wait for a minute or two, the unit will reboot automatically when update is completed.
  • Make sure to format the SD card by the format function within unit, this can be done via DOD APP for Wi-Fi equipped models. If failed to do so, the unit will enter update procedure every time due to the update file remains in the SD card.

How to review the recorded video?

  • Press“Mode”button twice and select the desired video clip, then press“Confirm”button to play video.
  • Or take out the SD card from the unit, insert it into a card reader, plug the card reader into your PC/Tablet's slot, and simply double-click the desired file to begin watching your recording.

Where can I find the locked file?
Please go to“RO”folder in the SD card.

How to disable the audio recording?

  • Press“Menu”button once and select“Record Audio”, then switch it off.
  • Audio setting can also be muted via the“Mute[ ]”on the device itself.